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Disco 80’s

Sip from a classic 80’s cocktail and Soak up the electric atmosphere surrounded by iconic 80’s imagery and vibrant decor touches.


The era that brought you mullet haircuts, shoulder pads, Agadoo, luminous leg-warmers and other such fondly remembered tasteful things is back. Only we do omit Agadoo from all party playlists on grounds of public decency. The 80’s changed everything, this was the time of Space Invaders, Pac-Man and other iconic arcade games, films such as Indiana Jones, E.T, Jaws and Dirty Dancing, however it was the music that defined the era. As you sip from a classic 80’s cocktail, you can soak up the electric atmosphere surrounded by iconic 1980’s styling and funky 80’s decor touches. As an entertainment idea why not enjoy the lively sounds of the classic 80’s DJ as hip break dancers and body.



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