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Everyone Has their idea of what the perfect wedding will be like for them. Our Goal is to help you create your your perfect vision. Let us take the stress of the day away so that you can enjoy every moment.



From Colours schemes to centerpieces, modern styling to classic and traditional, we do it all. Walk down the aisle or enter your reception party through a classic flower arch. Sit on throne chairs or infront of our star lit backdrop. Create photo opportunities with a beautiful and classic flower wall. Let us handle every detail from the refreshments awaiting guests as they arrive to a chocolate fountain, fresh popcorn or sweet cart to keep kids happy. Take your first dance on our LED dancefloor as confetti floats down all around you. Maybe its a balloon drop you prefer (always a favorite with children). Dj with full PA system can deliver those classics you simple need to dance and sing along to. Maybe you have some custom feature you want to create? We can do done it all.